Face treatments

Treatment No. 2
Sensitive – treatment for sensitive, couperose and rosacea complexions


Treatment for sensitive skin prone to redness and telangiectasia. Quickly and effectively calms, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, soothes and brightens the complexion. Products in the Sensitive line contain unique herbasomy - media from the extract of the inflorescence arnica and horse chestnut, hamamelis and rutin.

  • For young and mature skin with high sensitivity and tendency for reddening, swelling and fragile blood vessels (telangiectasia).
  • rapid calming effect and soothing of skin irritation
  • eliminates congestion and swelling by normalizing vascular permeability 
  • seals the walls of blood vessels
  • strengthens natural defense system of the skin
  • brightens, moisturize and regenerate 
  • bioflavonoids prevent ageing processes
As a treatment 10-14 procedures. Two procedures per week. Afterwards to uphold the effect 2 procedures per month.