Face treatments

Treatment No. 10
Pearls and Gold - Bijoux of The World, firming and revitalizing treatment

Vitalizing - firming treatment for all skin types, after the age of 50. Excellent also as a „banquet” treatment. Effectively improves firmness and skin tone, shapes and improves the oval of the face. Smoothes and brightens providing a beautiful, glowing complexion. Cosmetics from  the Pearls and Gold line are rich  in colloidal gold, extracts with pearls and algae and hyaluronic acid.
  • for all types of skin over 40 years old
  • for tired skin in need of regeneration, firmness and elasticity
  • as „going out” beauty treatment

  • improved firmness and tension
  • face contour modeling
  • improved skin tension and reduced wrinkles
  • long-lasting smoothness and hydration
  • improved skin color
  • intense refreshment, eliminate signs of fatigue and stress
  • slows down aging processes of the skin

As a therapy of 6 treatments. One treatment per week. Afterwards to uphold the effect 4 treatments with 2 week intervals. As a long term beauty care 1-2 times per month.